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At this page you can read and also send your comments about our service and your impression of your tours in Minsk

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Hello Natalia,

I want to give you my feed back about my trips to Minsk. Like I have said so many times to other American men here in the states, this is probably the most beautiful city I have ever seen, and it is filled with beautiful women. The first trip I took was in November of 2004. I was greeted at the airport by Vadim the driver for the Agency. Let me tell you, this guy is a real professional at his job, he takes excellent care of his customers and he makes you feel right at home. I was taken to the apartment, which is really nice and fully furnished. There I met Natalia, who is the Agency's owner, she is really nice and also very professional at her business. The first day I was there I had dinner with my first date. For the next 6 days I met with 9 other women, some days I had 3 dates. It was really nice to meet these women, they are so real, down to earth and friendly.
I met with one woman for 3 times. I felt that all of the women where very honest about their intentions. It was a great time.
I have since been back to Minsk on the last week of January 2005, to spend one week with one special lady that I really like.
She has a son and we all get along really well. It was like I spent the week with my little family, in Minsk. It was great. I feel that the service of this Agency is one of the best services available to men from the USA and other countries. I have tried some of the services here in the USA, but I think some of them are just there for the money, many times you never meet the women, and it is like a dead end search, and a ride on your credit card. But, come to Minsk, well be prepared, this is the real place to meet nice women, with good strong family values. I highly recommend this Agency to anyone looking for a great looking woman.
I want to thank Natalia and all of her people for taking excellent care of me when I was in Minsk. See you soon.
Alan P Allard

USA, 2005-02-07, 12:51

Hello Natalia,

Here I send you a report about my recent Personal Tour to Minsk. I think this will help other men who are looking for their soulmate to make up their minds to undertake this romantic voyage at last.
I arrived in Minsk on the Friday 24th December. I travelled via Vienna and unfortunately when I arrived in Minsk found that my luggage was still in Vienna. Thankfully the agency's driver helped me with form filling for this as well as other custom procedures, he was a great help and my luggage arrived next day. He took me to my apartment where I met Nataliya ( agency owner ).
My apartment was very nice and at this time Natiliya went through my itinery and explained which girls I would be meeting and at what time. I had 1 hour to shower before meeting my first date. We went to a lovely restaurant and danced the night away. We liked each other a lot, so much so she met me at 9.00 the following morning, we went around Minsk and took many photos. I had to ask her to leave at 12.00 as I had another 4 dates lined up for the afternoon and evening. Up until the Tuesday night I had met 10 ladies, seeing 1 lady three times and two ladies twice. Tanya who I had seen twice was the girl for me, we liked each other straight away. I met her lovely family on two occasions and we spent the last five days of my 10 day trip together. This included a wonderful New Years eve party which I will never forget. Tanya and I will be meeting again next month before going on a 10 day holiday at Easter. Hopefully then she will like to come and stay with me in London for a while to see if she likes it.
I have been on many trips like this mainly to Ukraine. I felt that this group of girls were the most genuine and friendly that I had met on my tours. As for Minsk, it is nice enough with plenty of good restaurants, personally I prefer Kiev and Riga but I did not go there for the sights, I went to find my future soulmate. Have I found her? Time will tell? I would like to thank Nataliya for looking after me on the whole of the trip and letting me use the internet in her office on may occasions if only to follow my football teams progress. Should you wish to contact me my email address is

Thanks again.

England, 2005-01-10, 18:32

Hello Natalia,

I want to Thank You for the very special service you offered me while in Minsk. You helped to make this a very special vacation. It was nice to have an apartment instead of staying in a hotel. I love to go to the restaurants, but it was nice to be able to cook some of the meals at home. This is a very nice feature. Also...Thank You for arranging for a very nice baby sitter for us, so Evgenia and I could have an evening alone. It was nice for Evgenia and Ivan to stay in the hotel for the first 3 days, so she could take time to feel comfortable with me. It was especially nice when Evgenia and Ivan moved into the apartment. The hide-a-bed in the living room was very comfortable for them. Being together all the time, we were able to learn much about each other. What we found out, was that we were very comfortable with each other. Each day was better than the previous day. I don't think I have ever spent so much time with someone and been so comfortable with them. Evgenia is a very special lady!
When I first found your website, I was looking for information on the Ukraine. I was impressed by the ladies on your website. At first, I said..."no...I'm not interested in a dating service...nor am I interested in meeting ladies so far from my home." But...I kept coming back to your website. I was very impressed with the quality of the ladies on your website from the former Soviet Union. Eventually I decided to write to several of the ladies after writing you several times with questions. Actually...I had a lot of questions...and you always responded very promptly. I give your service an A+. It was the quality of your service that helped to make up my mind to contact the ladies on your website. It was interesting to receive the letters from the ladies. As it turns out, the first lady to write me, was the lady I would meet.
I don't get nervous about many things. However, by the time I arrived in Frankfort, Germany and was waiting for my connection to Minsk, I begin to wonder..."what am I doing? This seems a little crazy." It entered into my mind to go back home and not go to Minsk. But...I was too committed at this point to turn around.
Thank You Natalia for helping me to have a very special vacation and to meet a very special lady. I have been looking at my schedule to decide when I can return.
Natalia, you are very friendly and very helpful. You did a great job!
Thank you for making all of this possible.

USA - 2004-10-18, 14:54

Hello, I'm Luigi from Rome, Italy, so I am sorry for my English. I had a tour in Minsk with All Russian Girls Agency last July. I want to express my opinion about my tour. Before my departure from Italy, I was a little worried about the tour, the visa, the agency efficiency and about the kind of girls I will have to meet and so on. Well, I can say that it was all right; the agency's organization works very well, when I arrived to Minsk airport I could apply for a visa without problem in about 10 minutes, then I met an agency's driver that brought me by car to my apartment. The apartment was fine, comfortable, in the real centre of Minsk, only 3 minutes far from the Metro station. In the apartment there were TV, CD's player, etc, but I didn't use it very much because I was not at home very often. I stayed in Minsk 8 days and I met nine girls; all the girls seemed to me serious, well educated and nice; of course, it's not easy to have a mutual feeling with all the persons we meet and so was with five girls. One meeting with them was enough for me, but I could meet the other four girls, which had more feelings to me, during other days of my stay in Minsk. During my tour I also visited the agency's office where I was able to choose some other girls to meet. Every day I called the agency office and they informed me about the meetings within the day. Unfortunately I can't say I have found my wife; it's not easy, it's a very important decision, it's not like to choose a pair of shoes, the girls were pretty and nice but the days passed very quickly and I was not really sure about any of them. In this next months I will correspond with these girls and maybe something will change. But for me it has been a positive experience because I understood that here in Minsk (a very nice city in my opinion) it's still possible to find serious and pretty girls that want to build up a family, it's not a dream, just a little more luck is needed. I spend all my days in Minsk with very pretty girls, but they were very simple, not like in Italy where quite pretty girls consider themselves Sharon Stone. An important advice for the next Minsk visitors: organize your tour so that you arrive to Minsk on Thursday or Friday, because the problem is that the most of girls work from Monday to Friday and so the best days to meet them are Saturday and Sunday. In these days they have more time to spend with you or you can meet more girls in the same day. I arrived on Saturday night, I met 4 girls on Sunday, but only one girl on Monday evening, one on Tuesday evening and so on. The days in Minsk are usually few so it is important don't waste it. The day of departure, Natalia came to my apartment and brought me by car to the airport and also gave me as a present a Belarus vodka bottle! I really think my next holiday will be in Minsk again! Luigi

Italia - 2004-09-01, 14:54


My name is John and I am a 46 year old single male (Asian American) from Los Angeles presently visiting Minsk.   You might have read my earlier account of a misadventure with a con man I met in Minsk train station.   Well, that situation has been resolved peacefully  (thank God!)  and  I have since been enjoying my stay in Minsk.  It has been very  peaceful and pleasant here.   At this point of my trip, I have volunteered to write this open letter because there is something weighing  heavily on my heart. 

(The following is my personal view after having been here in Minsk for one month and I bear sole responsibility for factual information and opinions expressed.)

Perhaps you have been thinking about meeting and dating Russian ladies for awhile  - wondering whether it is possible  or even true.  Perhaps you have been religiously reading internet group postings from other single men in your same situation.  Or you may have come across some horror stories -  scammers and failed marriages.  And you may have been counting pros and cons of marrying a Russian woman, asking about acceptable age gaps,  the risk of  differences in cultures  and expectations,  and how to avoid being scammed, etc. etc.   These are all good steps and some quite worthwhile preparations.

However I would like to suggest that unless you have actually visited Minsk - and have been ON THE GROUND, you really have no idea what the situation is like here in Belarus .  I walk down the main streets of Minsk and I see literally scores of beautiful young ladies.  We are talking athletic, well shaped bodies, beautiful faces, and many dressed like super models.  (There are reasons why these ladies are dressed like fashion models.  Perhaps I can explain in another letter.)  Personally I haven't been any place like Minsk where one can see so many beautiful girls just by walking down the streets!  It is somewhat mind boggling - just BEING in Minsk .   But this is just a surface of the situation here.  There is a human reality here in Belarus  that few Americans are aware of.  And I found it quite surprising.

Let me illustrate this by my first hand experience.  I obtained the address and phone number of a divorced lady named  N.S.  from All Russian Girls website.  Initially I was somewhat intimidated to call her.  She looked so beautiful from the pictures  - just like a TV commecial model in USA !    When I met her in real,  she was even more strikingly beautiful.  She had platinum blonde hair,  angelically soft facial features,  and a model's body.  In a word, she was just stunning.  But despite her beauty and her young age ( she is only 25),  she was a very gentle, even humble person.  (Can you imagine this from a 25 year old beautiful model in USA ?)  She is also highly educated and has the poise and maturity of a much older person.  A very classy lady.   In terms of her beauty, s he is the kind of lady who might marry Donald Trump in US.  But the situation here in Minsk is that she works 9am to 7 pm (earning about $125 per month), commutes AN HOUR EACH WAY, and struggles to take care of her 3 year old son.   She also lives with her parents (and her son) in one bedroom apartment far from city center.  Her main concerns are getting thru this month and keeping her job - not planning for her future.

Gentlemen, in my opinion, this is simply wrong!  By anybody's book, she is one of the most beautiful women in the world.  She deserves a lot better than her present situation.  In fact, she deserves the best this world can offer.    In my opinion,  these beautiful women in  Belarus are  really  'human  jewels' of the world.  You take these ladies anywhere in the world and they can work as models - North America, South America, Europe, Asia, anywhere.  Their beauty will be readily recognized and honored anywhere in the world.   So I am finding the situation in Minsk   to be rather amazing.  But most of all,  I am  saddened that such beautiful women are having hard, insecure lives here, sometimes having to work themselves to bones for pitiful wages.   For example, you see many beautiful faces on All Russian Girls or other agency websites.  (And in my experiences, these ladies look even better in real life.)  But you may be surprised to learn that many of these ladies may stay as singles for the foreseeable future.  The economic situation of Belarus is such that family formation is quite difficult here.  (Would you marry and start your family if your combined income is around $250 and the living cost is around $300 per month minimum?  People still get married here but it may require working 2-3 jobs each!)   Many of these  ladies will stay singles - unless, unless, UNLESS YOU show up.   Yes, you, single men of US and the west who have means and a desire to court and marry these well educated, beautiful ladies.   And these ladies are advertising themselves on agency websites mainly because  they strongly, strongly want family life.  They do not want to grow old as singles if they can help it.  Yes, there may be a few scammers who just want to move to the west.  But the vast majority,  as I can discern so far, simply want loving family life.  And that is why they are eager to meet you, dear single men of US and Europe .

Some may think this trip to Minsk is too costly  - the airfare, visa cost,  and agency fees,  e.g. $125 per day if you use All Russian Girls Agency package.   There are a few things I can now comment about the cost.  First I am a normal income person myself.   And initially  I thought the agency daily 'tour' price was a bit too high.  But having been here, I concluded that it actually is quite reasonable.  Belarus is still a closed society in many ways.  In fact, a lot of people compare this place to the good ole USSR .  And there are  number of bureaucratic trip wires and police mess you can get into if you don't know the way around here.  And they can set you back a few hundreds of dollars each if you get caught in them:  Just fines  for not following the rules.   So, my personal advise is to simply go with a professional agency like All Russian Girls.  They can really help you out and their service in my opinion is quite worthwhile for the price.  ( I am saying this AFTER having tried to do this my way.  I thought Belarus was like other European countries I used to travel in.  No, it is not.  Don't forget this.)   What about the total cost for the Minsk trip?  How much is the whole trip going to cost?  About $3,000?  Definitely under $4,000.  Is it too much?? 

Let me ask you this.  Have you made your IRA of Keogh contribution this year?  Why??  Why did you do it?  Do you think that $3,000 invested in IRA would make your life happy when you turn 65?  Frankly,  I doubt it will make all that much of difference in your life.   But you can  invest that same amount in you happiness right now  by coming to Minsk   - and it could totally transform your life.   And I mean that.  Coming here and meeting these wonderful ladies DID change my life.  Hopefully your life will be changed as well - to a much happier direction.  So my advise is to invest some money and just come to Minsk .  Think of it as investing in your own happiness  -  and you may also end up making these wonderful ladies happier as well!!  

Now having visited Minsk  ( I initiated this process 10 months ago!), I can tell you WITH CERTAINTY  that the MOST IMPORTANT THING  you can do is TO GET ON THAT PLANE TO MINSK.  That is it!   Just get on that doggone plane.  That is the most important step!   Make travel plan with the agency, arrive in Minsk , let the agency people  guide you through the city, meet these ladies and just use your common sense.   I  think you will have a great time here in Minsk .  Could be really life changing.   But you need to take that step.  You have to get on that plane!!  And by far, the biggest, THE BIGGEST mistake I made was HAVING WAITED SO LONG.   I hope I can really impress on this idea.  I posted a  message about Minsk on discussion board and I got a response like this  - 'Thanks for telling me how great Minsk is.  I am considering doing the same thing in 2 years.'  2 years??  2 years??  Oh man.  Yes, this is the exact same mentality I had -  until I visited Minsk .

So please.  Do not wait.  JUST GET ON THAT DOGGONE PLANE.  That is my last word for this letter.  Just one man's humble suggestion.

And very best wishes for your happiness.

USA - 2004- 30-06 John Simson

Hello Nataly,
Thank you very much for your help and kindness during my stay in Minsk. The days passed too quickly and I made the mistake of committing myself beforehand to one particular lady. I would like to come again because I think there are many charming ladies in Minsk who, in spite of my advanced years, might be interested in me.

Many thanks and kind regards, Roy

Spain - 2004-06-09, 17:14:51

I have arrived safely at home in Los Angeles. I wanted to thank you for the apartment. It was a great apartment in a fantastic location. I enjoyed being able to walk everywhere! And I have to admit that one of my favorite restaurants in Minsk is Rakovsky Brovar and it's within 2 minutes walking of the apartment!

I enjoyed the tours with Alexander! He's a wealth of information and was an excellent tour guide! I only wish the days were longer and warmer! And I told Alexander that all tours should go through the Museum of the Great Patrynomic War. It does an excellent job of showing the attrocities of war and why we should never have wars.

Michael was an outstanding driver and I know that I will use him again if I return to Minsk. He did a fabulous job and I never once worried when we drove to Mogilev.

Overall, I have to thank everyone for a fantastic trip. If I return to Minsk, I will definitely call you to arrange to stay in the apartment again.

Best Regards, Bob

Robert King
USA - 2004-01-14, 08:23:37

I visited Minsk in October 2003. Everything about my visit was handled in a thoroughly professional way. "All Russian Girls" is a sound, organized and well-run small company. The stuff includes Natalia, Lidia, Tatiana and interpreters. I stayed in a quiet and comfortable apartment that was certanly located. Breakfasts was made for me and laundry attended to. I was even able to rent a laptop computer. 

I don't know that I have ever met such a sincere and charming women. And educated - as most had University degree. All eventually desire the same thing. A man that can enjoy and relate to and have some sense of financial security. Almost all had never met an American - and many had not met a foreigner. I think in Russian countries your best chance of meeting of some significant may be in Belarus. I recommend the tour package because it includes pretty much everything you will need at a very reasonable price. Everything is relatively cheap in Minsk so you probably won't spend a lot of money.

Belarus, I was told, suffered greatly from thee German occupation in World War II - and as a result there is even today an imbalance of women to men. A shortage of men. 

So if you wish to meet a lovely, charming and educated Russian lady in relaxive and comfortable way I recommend you contact Natalia at the "All Russian Girls" in Minsk, Belarus.


USA - 2003-11-17, 12:34:51

Well no one could tell me, i had to go for myself, after 4years of mail forwarding, sceptism,amd a major dose of cynacism, i thought i would give it a shot,flew into minsk 28th december middle of winter , what an idiolt, guys from down under be warned xmas time can get to -35c never seen snow what a buzz, and what a cultural shock from a country boy from the land down under built my first snowman, drank vodka for the first time,the cold outside was only matched by the warmth of the girls in the agency, so all you decent trustworthy men from oz these women are beautifull traditional,women, so if you want a sex tour go to asia, if you want your other half of the apple, go to minsk like i did, and did i find my other half of the apple yes i did, but it was not easy . she is a beautiful traditional woman of high moral character, some one i will feel mighty proud to have on my arm,i am a very lucky man,she knows who she is and she will be an australia, and she will wear bikini,s on our golden beaches this summer 2003, thanks to nat, and a big squeeze to Lydia, for introducing me to a beautifull woman who will become my wife.
Guys from oz go please you will find what you are looking for.

Gwyn Hill
Australia - 2003-01-16, 10:43:36

This is just a quick note about my stay in Belarus last week. The flat was very nice and comfortable and very well situated, right in the centre of the city. Everything was within walking distance. The service provided by all members of your staff was excellent and I especially appreciated the delicious breakfasts cooked for me each morning. I found Minsk very interesting and an excellent place to see cultural events such as opera and ballet. It was an extremely exciting week and, last but certainly not least, I think that I have found the 'girl of my dreams'!

Thanks for everything.



Christopher Hayes
England - November, 2002


What a wonderful city Minsk is!
I have traveld all over the world yet left my heart in Minsk!
Thank you so much for Alena!
We had such a wonderful time together, learning of one another, traveling, eating new food. I must admit, I was a bit nervous and apprehensive about this type of "dating" however, after meeting with Alena, I cannot express enough gratitude I have for taking this chance. Now I have a fiancee!! We are due to be married in December and, she invited me to return to see her!
This I will do in October with one more trip in November to bring her home with me!! I am so excited!
Thank you!
I promise to send pictures of our wedding!

Sincerely, Adam

Adam Solano
USA - Tuesday, August 27, 2002
Dearest Natalia,

How the heck are you doing? You gorgeous! How is business? How is everybody behaving over there? It has been already almost a month since I left Minsk and I still cannot forget it for a moment! I had the greatest time there and I wish I could go back tomorrow. Well, to tell you the truth, I wish I could be there all the time.

No, seriously, I want to thank you so much for all the attentions and kindness that I received while there. I was truly impressed with the level of professionalism and seriousness with which you conduct all aspects of your business. Please receive my deepest gratitude and congratulations for what I thought was a great operation! When I went back to Moscow and met with Andrey (great guy too, by the way) at the airport, we were talking about my whole experience in Minsk.

I truly want to thank also Lidia for her obvious sense of responsibility to her job and, of course, also for her kindness and full-of –life attitude. Finally, my most sincere gratitude goes also to my beloved interpreter, Tatyana, the prettiest, sweetest, …est, …est, etc. of that neighborhood and vicinity. Oh well…

With love and my happiest memories,


PS: I almost forgot to also thank my little friend Olga!.. Gosh!, that would have been unforgivable! I always enjoyed our (well, mostly my) conversations at breakfast time.

Rafael Garcia-Ramirez
USA - 2002-05-16, 3:46:12
Hello its Gilbert from France.
I would like to tell you about my tour in Minsk.I spend 10 days in January. In any case the organisation
of my tour was perfect. A car with driver wait me on the airport and 1 hour after I entry in a nice flat (2 rooms
kitchen and bath). near from the centre city and near from the agency's office.The director of the agency wait me
with a little welcome present. Each morning after a big breakfast i receive the planning of the meeting.
For each meeting i can use service of a french or english translator. I choose for each evening a interesting lady
for dinner in a romantic restaurant. After a lot of meeting I choose to spend more time with with 2 or 3 ladies
and after 1 week i have found my future wife. In a few month the lady visit me at home. I hope it is the beginning
of a new love story.Now i would like to tell you about the nices ladies I meet in this 10 days. I meet 3 differents
types of ladies. A little part of them are only interesting to have money and a easy life,its better for you to change
the page of your book. Another part of the lady dream to find a knight in a silver armour (i am sorry i have forget my
sword at home), but the most important part of the ladies are very king and want only find a good man and a new family.
Now boys its time for you to visit Minsk and to find your lady. Good luck.

MULHOUSE, FRANCE - 2002-1-23, 23:49:31
Hello to Natalaya, Lidia and Natasha, in the office in Minsk.. I am so glad I came over from England, and I am now on the way to fulfilling the second stage of my dream, which is to get my new found girlfriend, Natalaya, over to England for the Christmas Holidays.. I never expected to be 'blown away' by someones personality, intelligence and beauty. Thanks to you all, for your help, I consider you to be my friends, and I am already recommending your services to some of my friends here in England, who sit in the bar all night long, thinking an Angel is going to fall into their laps.. Guys, get a life!! that just does not happen !! get on the plane to Minsk, you will find 'heaven' there.. warmest regards.. Russell.. Sheffield.. UK
Russell Day
Sheffield, England - 2001-11-5, 19:30:18
Natalia, I just wanted to thank you for helping me with one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I was told to have faith, make the trip, enjoy the sights, visit my new Belarussian friend, and let my heart decide. I did just that. Now I have a beautiful wife, a wonderful baby boy, and a full life to look forward to. I must say it has not been easy, but patience, understanding, and love has overcome the obsticals we have faced. Thank you so much for your kindness, and friendship during my trip and in the months since. I now know it is more than just a business with you, it is a passion you have to help your clients meet their soulmate. Please feel free to have any men who are truly interested in finding that special person contact me via e-mail. Thanks again so much from all three of us, for we could have never been a family without your help.


George, Alla and Justin
Bakersfield, Ca

P.S. Your city holds a special place in my heart, I look forward to returning to visit Grandma and Grandpa.

George S.
Bakersfield, Ca, USA - 2001-10-19, 5:59:42
Dear Natalia:
A week home and I am still floating in a cloud. Sal and I can never begin to thank you and your staff for all that you did to make our trip a once in a lifetime experiance. The professionalism and care and attention to the smallest details were by far above the expected. Our accomidations were excellent and our care by Olga was the finest we could ever have needed. I can say without hesitation that I will visit you and your lovely city many more times especially since my future wife who I have found with your help is from Minsk, truely the city on earth with the most buetiful, intelligent and caring ladies that any man couild possibly find. I have and will continue to reccommend your site and your service to all my single friends and to anyone else who asks me, Hey there where did you find your bueatiful wife? simple friend just go to My dream came true so can yours. I give to you and your entire staff my undying gratitude and thanks for making my life a dream. Always your devoted friend Mark

Mark Yasaitis
Phillips, USA - 2001-10-18, 18:47:25
Hi Natalia

I want to tell you I had a great time in Minsk and both you and your staff were always very good to work with. I have and will continue to reccomend you and you web site to others.

I would also like to say thank you for bringing me together with the most wonderful lady. Tatiana has touched my life in such a wonderful way and that would not have been possible without you Natalia.


Bill Shreck

Bill Shreck
Marshfield, USA - 2001-7-11, 18:23:30





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